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Young Robin Hood and his Merry Friends

By Nancy Whitney

Young Robing Hood is a comedic adventure featuring Robin Hood, Maid Maryann, Little John, and their children, and the kids are the heroes. The kids follow in their parents' footsteps, saving the day and prove that it doesn't matter how big you are, a hero is found in the heart.

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The Best Robin Hood Play Script For Kids: Young Robin Hood and His Merry Friends

Looking for more than a decent, perhaps outdated - Robin Hood play script for kids for your school or family-friendly event?

Look no further!

Young Robin Hood and his Merry Friends by Nancy Whitney is a nice, short Robin Hood script for kids that adults will enjoy as well either at home or for a full play production at schools or drama clubs.

Our Robin Hood play script is perfect for all occasions and updated with modern references and jokes your kids will love.

The Synopsis: Next Generation of Robin Hood and Friends

Young audiences will certainly enjoy Robin Hood and his motley crew on their adventure to save Nottingham.

Robin Hood and Little John leave home to save the King. Who will save the people of Nottingham from Robin's evil twin brother Prince John in their absence?

Thankfully, Robin's children inherit not only their parent’s bravery but also their quick-wittedness and comedic relief. Through this heroic tale, audiences will fall in love with a comical cast of characters--both good and bad!

Be prepared to laugh, so hard that you cry, at Robin Hood’s exciting quests!

Excerpt From Act 1 Scene 1

(Scene opens. Stage is painted like the woods. There is a sword fight. Enemies are defeated and run off stage.)

King Richard

They flee, frightened. We have found triumph once again at the end of our swords!

Little John

(Sitting from exhaustion) I find comfort in our victory. These last few weeks have been exhausting. Time with family will surely be enjoyed.

Robin Hood

I too look forward to a warm dinner with my family, Marion and Rob. Laughs around the table surely won’t come fast enough.

King Richard

I wish you two good tidings on your journey back to Nottingham, for I will not be returning with you.

Robin Hood

We’ve won the battle. The kingdom is eagerly awaiting the return of their King.

King Richard

While we may have pushed our enemies away today, they will certainly return. I can hear the whispers of revenge upon the wind. I must travel with our army to the coast and finish them off.

Little John

We can’t send you alone.

Robin Hood

We will accompany you to the coast and battle together.

King Richard

You two are faithful and good, but I can’t ask you to join me on this escapade. You’ve been away from your homes far too long and the kingdom needs your guiding hands. I fret that Prince John will find his way to the throne if it were not heavily guarded by you two, my closest confidants.

Pulled from Young Robin Hood and His Merry Friends by Nancy Whitney.

A Robin Hood Play Script Performed By Kids For Kids!

This plot and writing is perfect for a children’s cast and audience.



Performance Length

30 minutes

The Kid Cast

  • Rob - Robin Hood's son; smart, creative and wants to follow in his father's footsteps
  • Robin Hood - Rob's dad. Nottingham hero
  • Little John - Robin Hood's best friend
  • Maid Marion - Married to Robin Hood, Rob's mom
  • Small John - Little John's son; Rob's best friend, kind and thoughtful
  • Freddy - Rob's friend
  • Maid Melly is Rob's friend
  • Henry - an older cranky and boisterous man, married to May
  • Eliza - Rob's friend
  • Patina - Freddy's little sister
  • Jocelina - Rob's friend
  • Louisa - Rob's friend
  • Pastor Thomas - looks over everyone, brings food and money to various families
  • May - married to Henry, watches over the village kids as their parents are off looking for King Richard
  • Sheriff - takes money from the people of Nottingham. Unkind and not very bright
  • Gibs - The Sheriff's son. Not very bright and wants to follow in his father's footsteps
  • King Richard - The King. Strong and good.
  • Prince John - Evil Prince who has the Sheriff bring him money which the Sheriff took unlawfully from the people of Nottingham
  • Guard Gabby - A goofy guard. Comic relief
  • Guard Gerddy - A goofy guard. Comic relief
  • Smith - Works for Prince John. Doesn't think the Prince is all that great but he goes along with what he says
  • Peasant Patrice - Villager
  • Peasant Paul - Villager
  • Peasant Christina - Villager
  • Peasant Edward - Villager and Margarite's husband
  • Peasant Margarite - Villager and Edward's wife
  • Guard Grace - Guard, comic relief
  • Guard Gwen - Guard, comic relief
  • Shelby - Village child
  • David - Village Child

This play will be sure to have you doubled over as you follow Robin Hood through his comedic adventure.

Enjoy plot twists? This play is full of twists and turns!

A Script For Your Next Robin Hood Event, School Production, or Drama Club

This play is a unique adaptation of the classic adventure that can be easily transformed and customized by you or your child for fun at home, school, or local drama club.

Recommend this play for the next elementary or middle school production, homeschool association or drama club, or even at your next family gathering!

Don't forget to get creative with set ideas replete with painted trees, prop trees, and robin hood costume designs.


So how does this script compare with the beloved classic or the movie scripts?

We pride ourselves on supplying unique scripts that are fun for the whole family, and Robin Hood remains one of our favorites.

Hop on over to our shop to read more about the script!

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