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Middle School Plays

Middle school plays are an important part of the educational and social experience for students in this grade. Scriptmore has a huge selection of scripts for middle school plays.

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Play Script Contest Open for Entry

Scriptmore’s one-act play contest for all playwrights or interested writers to enter for a chance to win a prize. Use this page to understand more about eligibility and opportunities.

Tips & Tricks

How to Sell a Stage Play Script

Theatre play scripts take on a unique selling process compared to screenplay scripts. Use this guide to set up your strategy to promote your work as a playwright.

Tips & Tricks

Basic Guidelines On How To Create A Stage Play

Producing a Play For Stage Performance is hard work whether you're just starting off or already an experienced Director or Producer. Organize your ideas with this Basic Guide.

Tips & Tricks

All About Ten-Minute Plays (in 2 Minutes!)

With the Rise of Popularity for these Action-Packed Skits, We’re Certain You’ve Heard of Ten-Minute Plays–But What Are They Exactly? Scriptmore's Here to Answer Your Questions.

Kid's Scripts

Funny Play Scripts For Kids - Top Recommendations

Scriptmore’s Top Comedy Play Script Recommendations for Kids in Theater.

Kid's Scripts

The Best Robin Hood Play Script For Kids

Young Robin Hood and His Merry Friends by Nancy Whitney is a Short Robin Hood Script For Kids From Preschool and Up.

Kid's Scripts

Holiday Scripts For Kids

Preparing for the Holidays Can Be Stressful, But Scriptmore is Here to Save the Day With an Assortment of Family-Friendly Holiday Scripts.

Kid's Scripts

The Best Play Scripts For Kids - Free and Licensed Scripts By Genre

Scriptmore’s Shortlist of Best Play Scripts for Kids in Elementary and Middle School. For Play Productions or for Reading.

Tips & Tricks

6 Tips On How To Be A Successful Playwright

Are You an Aspiring Playwright? See Our 6 Tips to Become a Better and More Successful Playwright.