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Scriptmore is an online script and play marketplace, devoted to being an all inclusive platform for playwrights, producers, directors, actors, educators and anyone in the world of theater.

Whether you’re looking to find, buy or sell scripts, Scriptmore’s marketplace is a one-stop exchange. We are passionate about supplying families, educators, and communities with well-crafted scripts, suitable for all age groups.

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Where Can I Find Play Scripts?

We offer a wide range of playscripts suitable for all ages, at a reasonable price. We also serve as an outlet for Playwrights to sell their amazing scripts! However, it doesn’t end there–our blogs are a helpful resource for teachers, playwrights, actors, and parents everywhere!

You can browse our script shop where you can also view excerpts of scripts for free.

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Where Can I Publish My Plays?

We believe that the best scripts start with you. Want to join our team of playwrights? Scriptmore accepts unsolicited submissions from authors and playwrights if the quality and type of work meets standards.

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How Do I Get a Stage Play Published?

As a playwright, you have many options when it comes to publishing your work. You can self-publish, submit to a theatrical publisher, or license your play directly to productions.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, but publishing your play can bring a number of benefits.

  1. First, theatrical publishers are experienced in marketing and promoting plays, which can help to grow your audience.
  2. Second, licensing your play through a publisher can make it easier for others to acquire the rights to produce their own productions of your play, which can generate more royalties and recognition for you.
  3. Finally, by making your play available to a wider range of productions, you have the opportunity to reach new audiences and expand your career as a playwright. So whatever route you choose to take, know that publishing your play can bring new opportunities for success.

Whatever your play needs are, we’re here to help. Happy Scripting!


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