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Script Spotlight: The Princess and the Goblin by Abigail Fleming

First published in 1872, George MacDonald’s fantasy novel The Princess and the Goblin has been loved by children and adults ever since. The book’s themes of honor and courage; good and evil; and friendship and family have left as much impact as the strange fairytale story itself.

Choosing the Perfect Monologue for Your Audition

How can you select the ideal monologue for your audition? Here are our tips on relevance, character connection, and authenticity.

Script Spotlight: Dead Girl Walking by Dave Tippett

Discover the emotional depth of "Dead Girl Walking" by Dave Tippett in our Script Spotlight. Uncover the narrative exploring the realities of sexual abuse and trafficking through the voices of four teenage girls.

Top Scripts for Small Casts

Explore our curated selection of top scripts ideal for small casts, offering rich storytelling experiences with just 3-4 actors.

Exploring Legend, Fable, and Myth Play Scripts

These captivating play scripts dive deep into the heart of timeless narratives.

Drama Play Scripts for Two Actors

Perfect for intimate performances, our selection offers a rich tapestry of stories featuring just two actors.

Tips for Selling Your Script

Navigating the theater industry can be daunting. With the right approach and strategic mindset, you can increase your chances of success as an aspiring writer.

One-Act Plays With Short and Impactful Scripts

Discover the richness of storytelling in a condensed form, where every line resonates, and every scene leaves a lasting impression. Our handpicked one-act plays promise to engage, provoke, and linger in your thoughts.

Adapting Play Scripts for Different Age Groups

When adapting acting scripts for kids, teens, and adults, how do we navigate challenges while creating an engaging and age-appropriate theatrical experience?

Multicultural Scripts With Diverse Representation

Embracing multiculturalism and celebrating the rich tapestry of scripts from various cultures can provide a unique and enriching experience for both artists and audiences alike.