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The Best Holiday Scripts for Kids

Preparing for the holidays can be stressful, but Scriptmore is here to save the day with an assortment of family-friendly holiday scripts for kids.

If you’re looking for the perfect play script for any holiday, this article is for you.

Keep reading to find the one best fit for your kiddos.

The Best Christmas Play Scripts For Kids

Finding Christmas plays that have a great moral to the story can be hard to find.

It’s important that they teach your kids something, while also entertaining them.

These can be used in school performances, community theater productions, or even as an activity during family gatherings.

Here are our top three choices:

  1. A Christmas Carol - A One-Act Play - Ebenezer Scrooge's journey to compassion and redemption is carefully retold in this adaptation. This large cast play is easy for any school or community group, or family, to reenact.
  2. This Is Your Life, Holiday Edition - This fun script is based on the NBC classic, This Is Your Life, hosted by Ralph Edwards. This is the perfect script for a family game night.
  3. The Christmas Experience - Submerge yourself into the time of Jesus’s birth! This play is bound to get everyone excited for Christmas.

The Best Thanksgiving Play Scripts For Kids

Similar to Christmas plays, Thanksgiving plays are a perfect way to teach children about thankfulness.

Here are several of our fun and short thanksgiving plays that talk all about gratitude.

  1. Story Of The First Thanksgiving - This is a perfect narration play that requires kids to only perform what is being narrated.
  2. First Thanksgiving - Here is another first thanksgiving story with two characters and dialogue.
  3. Gobble Gobble - Looking for a script that kids can use as puppets? Try this one where Susie and Betsy teach Willie about gratitude.

The Best Easter Play Scripts for Kids

Easter scripts can be hard to find, especially ones that truly reflect the meaning behind the Holiday.

These are a few of our favorite Easter scripts that are fun and meaningful at the same time.

  1. Eyewitness, An Easter Monologue - This monologue depicts what a woman saw when Christ resurrected. It’s a perfect script to see your kids’ talent shine through.
  2. Sunday Munchies - A quick and funny script that uses puppets to showcase Jesus’s triumph over death.
  3. Easter Bunny Interrogation - The Easter Bunny’s importance is questioned in this short play, and the true meaning of Easter is explained.

The Best Valentine’s Day Scripts for Kids

Valentine’s Day remains one of the most fun days at school–from candy boxes to cards from classmates.

These scripts would be a great addition to the tradition!

  1. Cupid - This is a silly puppet skit for Valentine's Day that talks about God’s love for us.
  2. Hide and Seek Hearts - This skit is best to be performed with your young students! It focuses on literacy and teaches things like adjectives and action words. It’s the perfect way to teach your kiddos while still having fun.
  3. If The Shoe Fits - A slight twist on the Cinderella Story, this comedy skit shows Prince Charming questioning his decisions after the ball.

The Best New Year’s Scripts for Kids

Kick-off your kid’s New Year’s with scripts to get them excited about what’s to come. Whether it’s resolutions or reflecting back on the past year, we have the right script for you.

Here’s a list of our favorite New Year’s scripts:

  1. Go - A New Year’s Puppet Script - Another holiday puppet play to teach your kids all about resolutions.
  2. This Year Will Be Different - Sticking to new year’s resolutions can be hard, but this play can help encourage you to keep with them. It’s a perfect one to include the whole family!


Don’t let the holidays stop you and your kids from having the best time!

If any of these holiday scripts for kids sparked your interest, head over to our shop for an array of family-friendly scripts.

Always make sure you read our latest blog for even more inspiration, whether you want humor or specific play adaptations!

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