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Our Top Picks For Funny Play Scripts For Kids

Comedy within theater is always a huge hit among parents and kids alike, but it can be difficult to find quality and original scripts for your kids to perform.

In this article, we’ve handpicked funny play scripts for kids based on a variety of subjects and genres. We hope these inspire you for the next production, whether big or small!

Dramedy Plays

Dramedy plays, also known as drama and comedy, are a perfect balance of severity and relief. After all, that’s what real life looks like most times.

These plays are real enough that children can identify with them but also far-fetched enough that their imaginations will get a workout–and make them laugh at the absurdity.

A Festival of Fables follows a professor trying to teach his students about Aesop’s fables but is unsuccessful when actors try to act out the stories. With 7 characters and a performance length of 20 minutes, this script is perfect for a small group of actors.

Characters: 7

A Festival of Fables by Aesop

By Jennifer Sneed

Who was Aesop, anyway, and why should we care? So begins the lecture of a pompous professor who attempts to tell us all about Aesop’s fables, only to be interrupted by actors intent on showing instead of telling what the fables are all about. A play in one-act. Appropriate for grades 3-6.

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Adventure Comedy Plays

Kids sure love adventure and a good laugh. Funny adventure play scripts for kids have it all. These plays are top hits because they contain fantastical elements that children love. They’re perfect for school productions or theater festivals.

There’s a high demand for adventure comedy plays, but we have several unique scripts for you to get your hands on!

King Arthur And The Knights Of The Not So Round Table is perfect for a school production–containing 28 characters with a performance duration of 80 minutes. The historical tale of King Arthur is perfectly explained in this kid-friendly, and rather funny, adaptation.

Star Warped: A Trek Through Time And Space is another great play script for a school production! With 39 characters and a performance length of 60 minutes, this sci-fi comedy adventure sparks out-of-this-world imagination.

Young Robin Hood And His Merry Friends - Audiences will fall in love with the comical cast and misadventures of Robin Hood’s children and friends, as well as the always mischievous and evil Sheriff and Prince John. Be prepared to laugh and cry with this fabulous tale of old.

Characters: 30

King Arthur and the Knights at the Not So Round Table

By Nancy Whitney

What do the knights of the round table do when King Arthur is feeling down? Why they create an elaborate scheme of hysterical events to help him see how valuable and loved he is. This comedic story follows King Arthur as he travels the land solving problems and impacting the lives of his people as his knights try to show him how important he is in everyone’s life.

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Characters: 37

Star Warped: A Trek Through Time and Space

By Nancy Whitney

Star Warped is the story of Darth Hater and his journey to track down the Insurgents who have stolen the plans to an Interplanetary Demise Machine which he plans to use to create a resort and disco. The Insurgents jump through time to visit with well known sci-fi and comedy favorites in hopes of finding their way to their home planet.

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Characters: 35

Young Robin Hood and his Merry Friends

By Nancy Whitney

Young Robing Hood is a comedic adventure featuring Robin Hood, Maid Maryann, Little John, and their children, and the kids are the heroes. The kids follow in their parents' footsteps, saving the day and prove that it doesn't matter how big you are, a hero is found in the heart.

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Comedy Plays With Animals

Who doesn't love animals? Funny play scripts for kids with animals are a great way to make the audience laugh and say "aww" at the same time.

These plays can easily be performed at home, or in a theater–all you need is imagination and a few stuffed animals!

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Chickenman! - When he's not living his script, the creative genius behind a tv show is hard to find. But lately, things have been tough for Ellen because of Lester’s newest creation: Chickenman - a feathered character dedicated in defeat evil within Chickencoop City!

The Absolutely Insidious And Utterly Terrifying Truth About Cat Hair - Round up two human narrators and/or two cats, along with a slew of actors to play individual cat hairs!

Rom-Com Plays

Kiddos in the audience can also appreciate short romance-comedy stories. Funny romance play scripts told from the perspective of a child make it easy to understand the emotions portrayed throughout the story. These plays are ideal for school theater productions where kids can easily relate to the characters.

First Date - This hilarious skit exposes the fears that two teenagers have while on their first date–something most people can relate to.

A Tale Of Sleeping Beauty - A twist on the fantastical tale of sleeping beauty–the audience actually gets to participate in this adventure!


Whatever your next play might be, heading in a comical direction with kids is never a miss. While these plays are full of laughter and imagination, they almost always teach great lessons.

Not convinced? Head over to our shop for even more comedy play scripts!

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