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We are hosting a script contest for playwrights, and it is now open for entries!

For our first contest, we are looking for the best-written One-Act Play. This competition is open now and will close in January. Our mission for this writing competition is to provide a fresh space for playwrights to write something new, or even enter some of their favorite work for more exposure. Each script entered will have the opportunity to be published on Scriptmore’s website. Scripts that are already published on Scriptmore’s website are not eligible for contest submission. Read below to understand the contest guidelines and the prize for the selected winners.

Click below to enter a submission:


Why Should You Enter?

Writing any type of script is a great accomplishment! Nothing feels better than completing a long waited draft, especially after all the revisions. But where do you send it? Look no further! Submit your One-Act script to the Scriptmore competition. Whether you are looking for a little bit of motivation to write something new, or you have something already written, Scriptmore has a spot.

Entry fee:

Submissions are completely free of charge.


The deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2023.


The selected winners will receive the following:

  • Grand Prize: A $100 reward with promotion on all online platforms (website, e-newsletter, and social media).
  • First Runner-Up: Script promotion on all online platforms (website, e-newsletter, and social media).
  • Second runner-up: Script promotion on select online platforms (website and social media).

The winners will be announced through here, on our blog, by the end of February.

Opportunities Within the Contest:

Each submitted One-Act Play will have the opportunity to be published on our website. If eligible, you can publish your submission on Scriptmore’s website for purchase. When submitting your script, you will have the opportunity to fill out a set of information that will also submit your script to be sold online through Scriptmore. If you have other scripts that you want to sell online, you can easily sell them through Scriptmore. Read the information below to get a better understanding on the eligibility of being a Scriptmore playwright.

Apply to Be a Playwright on Scriptmore

Here it’s simple to be a playwright. Complete the Playwright application agreement and then submit your first script. Your script will go through our approval process to make sure it meets the needs and standards of Scriptmore.

Once approved, your scripts will be distributed on Scriptmore and will be available for licensing by theatre groups, schools, and individuals nationwide.

Apply Today

How To Be a Playwright for Scriptmore

Before you submit a script, review the guidelines so your work has the best chance of success on Scriptmore.

Additional details:


The Scriptmore audience consists of public and private schools from K-12, colleges and universities, community theatre groups, theater troupes, and faith-based groups like churches. We are seeking scripts that would be appropriate for these audiences, including subject matter, dialogue, themes, and cultural relevance. Scripts will be evaluated on these merits and more.


Submissions must meet Scriptmore’s quality and standards. If a script fails to meet these or is deemed unworkable for any other reason, the script may be rejected. However, if we feel rewrites or adjustments can be made, authors will be notified of changes required and given the opportunity to resubmit if they so choose.

Formatting Requirements

Scripts submitted must meet basic script formatting requirements. Scripts may be submitted in the following file formats: Word, RTF, or Text file. Scripts will be stored in Scriptmore’s Script Engine for on-demand formatting for different devices or PDF generation.

Script License

Scriptmore charges the customer for a license of use for your script and to perform it. Every performance license has a base license cost and will adjust based on paid performances, venue size, and the number of performances.

Pricing and Royalties

Our current royalty rate is 50%. We understand the importance of how to sell a play script with simple pricing. Scriptmore has standard licensing pricing that will be applied to your script based on length or materials included with your script. We believe the quality of scripts on Scriptmore deserves to be priced accordingly. If discounts are ever offered on one of your scripts, those discounts will not impact a playwright’s royalties. Because the script is under a licensing agreement, it may be licensed elsewhere if the author chooses.

Pay Out Schedule

Authors will currently be paid on a quarterly basis.

Submission Guidelines

Be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting a script.

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