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High school play scripts are an essential component of any successful theater production. They provide the blueprint for the entire show, from the characters and dialogue to the stage directions and set design. But finding the right play script can be a challenge, especially for high school productions that need to balance educational value with audience appeal.

How to Choose Scripts for High School Plays

The first metric to consider when selecting a high school play script is the age and experience level of the students involved. While high school students are capable of handling complex material, it’s best to choose a play that is appropriate for their level of skill and maturity. Consider plays with a smaller cast size and simpler staging requirements for younger or less experienced students.

Another important factor to consider is the theme of the play. High school plays can address a wide range of topics, from coming-of-age stories to social issues to historical events. Consider selecting a play that speaks to the interests and concerns of the student body. This can provide an opportunity for meaningful discussions and reflection.

Also consider the style and genre of the play. High school productions can range from classic dramas and comedies to modern musicals and avant-garde works. Consider selecting a play that showcases the strengths and interests of the students involved, whether that's singing, dancing, or dramatic acting.

Benefits of High School Plays

High school plays provide the opportunity for educational enrichment. Many plays offer historical or cultural context that help students understand the world around them in new and meaningful ways. Consider selecting a play that offers opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, such as connecting a play about the civil rights movement to history or literature classes.

As always, consider the audience when selecting a high school play script. You’ll want to choose a play that will challenge and engage your students, while appealing to the interests and sensibilities of the community at large. Consider selecting a play that will attract a wide range of audiences and that can spark conversations and connections.

In the end, selecting the right high school play script is about finding a balance between educational value, artistic merit, and audience appeal. By considering the age and experience level of the students, the theme and genre of the play, and the educational and audience considerations, you can select a play that will inspire, challenge, and entertain everyone involved.

High School Plays for 25-40 Characters

Are you looking for high school play scripts suitable for larger groups of 25 or more? You’re in luck! We’ve got a great selection of scripts that are sure to get your students excited. Whether you want something comedic, dramatic, or musical, we have something perfect for any crowd.

Characters: 37

Star Warped: A Trek Through Time and Space

By Nancy Whitney

Star Warped is the story of Darth Hater and his journey to track down the Insurgents who have stolen the plans to an Interplanetary Demise Machine which he plans to use to create a resort and disco. The Insurgents jump through time to visit with well known sci-fi and comedy favorites in hopes of finding their way to their home planet.

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Characters: 29

A Christmas Carol - A One Act Play

By Tracy Wells

This one act play adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic holiday story will be sure to delight audiences of all ages. When the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge goes to bed on Christmas Eve night he is shocked to receive a visit from his deceased friend, Jacob Marley. Marley warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts who, through visions of the past, present, and future. will help Ebenezer remember what the true spirit of Christmas is all about and save him from a fate worse than death. This easy to stage, large cast play has many great roles and can be played by actors of all ages.

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Characters: 30

King Arthur and the Knights at the Not So Round Table

By Nancy Whitney

What do the knights of the round table do when King Arthur is feeling down? Why they create an elaborate scheme of hysterical events to help him see how valuable and loved he is. This comedic story follows King Arthur as he travels the land solving problems and impacting the lives of his people as his knights try to show him how important he is in everyone’s life.

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High School Plays for 2-10 Characters

The products listed below are all high school play scripts specially designed to be performed by a smaller group of 2-10 players. These plays are sure to captivate your students and help them develop important skills that will last long after the play is over.

Characters: 9

Hotel Jerusalem

By David J. Swanson

When the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls arrive surreptitiously at a hotel in post WWII Jerusalem, the hotel’s proprietor, an American war widow, must protect herself and her daughter by navigating cultural, political and religious tensions on the eve of the Arab-Israeli war.

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Characters: 8


By Andrew Kooman

Little Will Harrison’s dying wish is to help homeless people in Alberta by organizing a food drive. With the help of their neighbours and close friends the Welsh family, the Harrisons work hard to help Will realize his final wish. As the families gather produce donated from the town of Sunrise, they dig up more than just potatoes: a surprise engagement and a secret affair promise to bring the two families closer together and rip them apart, forever.

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Characters: 3

Heel Joseph Heal

By Andrew Kooman

Joseph, a young man in his first year at Bible College is forced to come to terms with his mental illness. As Joseph’s life unravels, he resists medical treatment with the desire to be healed by faith. Joseph’s growing love for Becky, a girl from school and the one person committed to his wellness, is threatened by Cindy, his lifelong companion who both haunts and captivates his imagination.

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Still Looking for High School Plays?

Our play scripts cover a wide range of topics and themes, making them ideal for teaching lessons on literature and theater. Plus, they provide ample opportunity to practice verbal and physical acting skills while having an entertaining experience.

You can find an impressive selection of play scripts for high school here.

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