Our Blog / Script Spotlight: To Bee or Not To Bee by Tracy Wells

Is it a comedy or tragedy when dreams of Broadway glory fade to life in a bumble bee costume for a mall’s springtime garden display? The answer found in Tracy Wells’ ten-minute monologue is all comedy, at least for the audience.

Dressed in a full bumble bee outfit, a lone performer tells the sad-and-Shakespearean story of one actor’s star-crossed journey from New York to L.A. to a clown car to Easter Bunny envy at the mall. Appropriate for either a male or female actor, “To Bee or Not to Bee?” will work perfectly for a competition, variety night, talent show, or comedic showcase.

Playwright Tracy Wells may have never worn a giant bee costume herself, but she was definitely stung by the theater bug in high school after starring in a string production and loving every minute of it. It’s no coincidence she married a fellow theater nerd. Her husband Eric is a middle- and high-school theater director.

When Eric needed just the right large-cast play to use with his students, Tracy decided to try and write one. The result, an adaptation of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” launched her long-running career as a playwright. You’ll find several of her scripts on Scriptmore.

Tracy loves a good monologue. She cited Nora’s big speech at the end of Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” as one of her favorites. As a performer, though, she found monologues challenging.

“I performed in both plays and musicals in high school, as well as competitively in forensic competitions,” Tracy told us. “I always found monologues much tougher. Aside from the memorization, the entire story is all on you. You have to convey character and setting and tell a story from beginning to end without anyone else to work off of. I'm continually in awe of those who take on this challenge!”

If you’d like a fun challenge, why not tackle “To Bee or Not to Bee?” as a competition piece or for your next variety show?

[Playwrights Recommend: Tracy describes playwright Andrew Kooman as a powerful storyteller and suggests checking out his dramatic monologue “They Tried to Destroy Us” on Scriptmore.]

Characters: 1

To Bee or Not to Bee

By Tracy Wells

Casey is an actress with big dreams of making it on Broadway. So why is she stuck in this enormous, uncomfortable bumblebee suit? In this hilarious 10 minute monologue, Casey will recount her path to making her dream a reality, and the roles she regrets along the way. This comedic monologue allows the actor great opportunities for characterization and physical comedy, and leaves the audience laughing as they see "whatever will bee, will bee."

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Characters: 29

A Christmas Carol - A One Act Play

By Tracy Wells

This one act play adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic holiday story will be sure to delight audiences of all ages. When the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge goes to bed on Christmas Eve night he is shocked to receive a visit from his deceased friend, Jacob Marley. Marley warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts who, through visions of the past, present, and future. will help Ebenezer remember what the true spirit of Christmas is all about and save him from a fate worse than death. This easy to stage, large cast play has many great roles and can be played by actors of all ages.

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Characters: 20

The Herald Angels Learn to Sing

By Tracy Wells

It’s Christmas in Herald and there’s nothing this small town loves more than its annual Christmas pageant...except maybe for their baseball team, the Herald Angels. So, when half the cast of the pageant comes down with laryngitis, it’s up to the beloved baseball players to save the day...if they can learn to sing, that is. But with their own invitation to play in the big city Winter Classic on the line, will the Herald Angels step in and sing? Or is the Christmas pageant doomed after all? This slice of small-town Americana will delight audiences of all ages and culminates in a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about.

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Characters: 1

They Tried To Destroy Us

By Andrew Kooman

After years of imprisonment in a Soviet jail, Elsie speaks. Her captors tried to destroy the life and faith that sent her and members of her church to a prison where she was thrown into solitary confinement and regularly tortured. In this short monologue, Elsie gives a glimpse at not only the things she suffered and the reason she was able to survive but at her inspiring courage and faith. A fantastic monologue for auditions and workshops.

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Script Spotlight: To Bee or Not To Bee by Tracy Wells

Tracy Wells’ ten-minute monologue is all comedy. Dressed in a full bumble bee outfit, a lone performer tells the sad-and-Shakespearean story of one actor’s star-crossed journey from New York to L.A. to a clown car to Easter Bunny envy at the mall.

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