Thrive 98.9

By Rachel Benjamin



Performance Length

35 minutes


Ready for a whimsical and entertaining farce with a positive message? "Thrive 98.9" on Scriptmore is what you’re looking for. This playful one-act features hilarious moments between the characters in a small-town radio station struggling to survive. The cast includes an ambitious station manager, a young intern, and a fashionably late new owner as they navigate a plot thick with mistaken identities, humorous twists, and one very confused fiancé. Written for 14 characters (with some potentially voiced off-stage), "Thrive 98.9" by Rachel Benjamin can be performed and viewed by ages middle school to adult. The script delights in tangling up its characters in a web of comedic moments and misunderstandings as they try to figure out how to save this beloved small-town radio station while also getting to the bottom of exactly who is whom. While providing laughter, "Thrive 98.9" showcases the positive resilience and camaraderie of a team determined to overcome challenges. The playful banter, quirky characters, and clever plot twists will make this 35-minute one-act a fun addition to your script collection. Simple set design includes desks, chairs, and doors in an office setting, along with an “On Air” sign that can be lighted up or turned off as needed.

Performance Rating

Middle School - 18+

Audience Rating

Middle School - 18+