Sillycon Valley Conspiracy

By Kimalea Arrighi



Performance Length

2 minutes


Upon the sudden death of Cool N. Calm, Cole’s Egded’s mentor and spiritual father, Cole immediately suspects foul play. As the new Trustee and Board of Directors of Cool N. Calm Microchip Magnate Corporation, he has become Cool’s daughter Dorothy’s trustworthy Trustee. Cole quickly sends Dorothy to Kansas to attend Calvary Chapel Christian Academy for Girls, vowing to keep her safe from harm. When after seven years there has been no break in the Cool N. Calm mystery, Cole suddenly announces that he is going on an extended business trip. He leaves the Cool N. Calm Microchip Magnate Corporation in the hands of Gain Illgotten, it’s “Junior” Assistant. Cole is quite certain that, while the cat’s away the rats will play. Ms.Construe’s plan to misconstrue goes awry with Dot Calm’s sudden arrival. It has been seven years since her father’s death and she has finally come of age. She has returned to fulfill her destiny and take her rightful place at the helm of her father's company. With Dot Calm in the way, Gain’s dream of becoming an Assistant will soon become his worst nightmare. In an effort to keep Dot Calm from going public with her plans, Ms. Construe enlists the help of Mal Adjusted, her hesitant henchman. But Ms. Construe’s hard drive to climb the corporate ladder is no match for Mal Adjusted’s bent toward going straight. Gerry Attric, Cool N. Calm Microchip Magnate Corporations oldest and most trustworthy employee, has a built-in virus detector when it comes to the scheming of Ms. Construe. While she slowly builds a web site for “Pirate Software” at the command of Ms. Construe, Gerry is keeping a watchful eye on Dot Calm’s back door.

Performance Rating

Elementary - 18+

Audience Rating

Elementary - 18+