Notorious to Glorious: The Woman at the Well

By Rebecca Wimmer



Performance Length

5 minutes


Revisit biblical storytelling with "Notorious to Glorious: The Woman at the Well" by Rebecca Wimmer on Scriptmore. This five-minute monologue presents the life of one of the Bible's most notorious characters in her own words. She tells of her sad existence before meeting Jesus and then of the surprising and powerful transformation His glorious love and grace brought into her life. The script can be performed in either period costume or modern clothing. As the script unfolds, it paints a vivid portrait of the woman, ostracized by her community for her past choices. Her encounter with Jesus becomes a pivotal moment. Through rich and evocative storytelling, this script transcends the pages of the Bible, inviting audiences to witness in the words of this actress the redemptive power that can turn notorious tales into glorious testimonies. Written to be performed by one woman, either live or on video, "Notorious to Glorious" offers a profound exploration of faith, transformation, and the boundless love that emanates from the teachings of Jesus. Immerse your audience in the story of the Woman at the Well and experience the extraordinary journey from notorious to glorious through the lens of God’s love for all sinners, no matter our backgrounds.

Performance Rating

High School - 18+

Audience Rating

Elementary - 18+