Leaving the House - Before/After Baby

By Katherine McMahon



Performance Length

2 minutes


"Leaving the House - Before/After Baby" on Scriptmore is a humorous two-minute script that comically demonstrates how profoundly babies change our lives. Join Derek and Tessa as they navigate the hilarious twists and turns of getting ready to go out before and then after becoming parents. This quick-witted script captures the essence of the transformation that occurs in the routine of leaving the house, offering a delightful before-and-after snapshot that resonates with anyone who has experienced the joys and challenges of parenthood. Before the baby, the process of getting ready may have been a breeze, filled with spontaneity and ease. "Leaving the House - Before/After Baby" by Katherine McMahon, however, brilliantly highlights the comedic realities that unfold as Derek and Tessa adapt to their new roles as parents. From the chaotic search for missing baby essentials to the tiring dance of multitasking, this script provides a lighthearted and still authentic glimpse into the changes that occur when a baby enters the picture. Perfect for parents, soon-to-be parents, or anyone who appreciates a good laugh, "Leaving the House - Before/After Baby" on Scriptmore will be a delightful addition to your script collection. Choose this script for a quick insert in a longer presentation or performance to generate some knowing laughs and give two adult performers the opportunity to bring the funny.

Performance Rating

18+ - 18+

Audience Rating

Elementary - 18+