Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon

By Kyle Adkins & Rachel Benjamin



Performance Length

45 minutes


Embark on a journey into the rainforest with this versatile, eight-character script by Kyle Adkins and Rachel Benjamin. "Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon" on Scriptmore is a captivating story that weaves a tale of self-discovery, adventure, and the profound importance of conservation. Follow Emilia, a young city girl reluctantly thrust into the lush jungles of Brazil to reunite with her mother, a dedicated conservation scientist working among the native communities. At first wishing to be anywhere else on the planet, Emilia inadvertently strays from a familiar path while following the delicate dance of a morpho butterfly. What begins as a struggle to find her way back to camp becomes a transformative adventure. Through the dense foliage, Emilia unravels not only her initial distaste for the jungle but also discovers the hidden treasures of the "lungs of the planet." Rooted in a South American folktale, "Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon" unfolds as a narrative of self-discovery. Emilia is challenged to perceive beyond the limitations of her senses and urged to listen and see with more than just her ears and eyes. Originally written for a traveling children’s theater, this script can be performed and seen by all ages. It allows for lighting, set design, and even the potential use of puppets for some characters to be as complex or minimalistic as time and budgets allow.

Performance Rating

Elementary - High School

Audience Rating

Elementary - Middle School