Emilia and the Heart of the Amazon

By Kyle Adkins & Rachel Benjamin



Performance Length

45 minutes


Emilia, a young city girl, reluctantly travels with her father to the jungles of the Amazon in order visit her mother who is working as conservation scientist among the natives of Brazil. Intrigued by the path of a morpho butterfly, Emilia unintentionally loses her bearings and finds herself lost within the rainforest. The struggle to find her way back to camp, turns into an adventure that unravels her distaste for the jungle and reveals the hidden treasures of the, "Lungs of the planet." Based on a South American folktale, this is a story of self discovery. Emilia is challenged to listen and see with more than just her ears and eyes. Like the impossibility of soaring on the wings of a butterfly, she is challenged to believe beyond statistics and see the possibilities and importance of saving the Amazon Rainforest.

Performance Rating

Elementary - High School

Audience Rating

Elementary - Middle School