Dining at the King's Table

By Kimalea Arrighi



Performance Length

20 minutes


Dining at the King's Table takes place in a medieval setting with the King of the land preparing for the wedding feast of his only son. There is lighthearted humor throughout with serious tones prevailing in matters of scripture. The King has sent his servants out to invite everyone in the land to his son’s wedding but many decline their invitations. Mordred, a disobedient servant and traitor from the Kings palace, insists on the title “Lord” though no one is buying it. When he is sent out with the other servants at the King’s bidding he stalls and plots against the King. His words and actions reveal a deeply rebellious heart. He secretly entertains plans of becoming king himself! Mordred is loath to invite a lame young woman named Meredith to the banquet believing that her infirmities disqualify her from deserving of such high honors. Mordred is responsible for telling her that the King means to do her harm if she appears before him. For years now, Meredith has been living in self-imposed exile in the land of Barrenness. Her faithful nurse Constance raised Meredith to adulthood in the fortress but is herself broken and fearful because the accident that crippled Meredith as a child was her fault. Constance is smothering and overprotective of Meredith discouraging Meredith’s hope of ever leaving the fortress. Meredith fears judgement from the King of the land but senses his calling and is desperate to take a chance and present herself before him. The King receives Meredith whole heartedly when she leaves the fortress and arrives at the palace in obedience to his call. When he offers her his scepter she bravely touches it and is restored and healed of her infirmity. Great excitement ensues as the palace servants receive her. Mordred, is cast out of the palace when the King discovers him without the white robe he has selected for his guests. Mordred is uncovered as a traitor and cast into outer darkness as his punishment. As the palace doors close for the celebration Constance arrives alone. She is completely broken and weeps at the door. Pulling herself together she knocks feeling she has missed it. Suddenly, the doors open and she is ushered in by two maid servants who receive her warmly on behalf of their King.

Performance Rating

Elementary - 18+

Audience Rating

Elementary - 18+