Christian Skits for the Child in All Of Us

Christian Skits for the Child in All of Us

By Abigail Fleming



Performance Length

20 minutes


These five short skits were written for presentation by adults or kids at a vacation Bible school, but they could also be used for children’s time during a regular church service, or as part of a Sunday school lesson. Each skit uses modern examples, language and humor to reinforce an important aspect of Christian belief. Two leaders, Jessie and Jay, are the main characters in each skit. The names can be changed to fit your group. Each skit is between two and five minutes long. All of the skits were written for performance in a Methodist church, but they are designed to be non-denominational. If terms such as “pastor,” pulpit,” or “altar” do not fit your denomination, feel free to change them to fit.

Performance Rating

Elementary - 18+

Audience Rating

Elementary - 18+