A Letter to a Soldier

By Rachel Benjamin



Performance Length

3 minutes


In this short, simple play, three readers present a powerful letter of honor and gratitude to a military service person. Perfect for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, or similar occasions, "A Letter to a Soldier" on Scriptmore presents a unique way to recognize and connect with service men and women on a personal level. When we encounter these heroes at airports, malls, and parades, we often acknowledge their sacrifice with a nod or applause. But how often do we pause to look them in the eye and extend our heartfelt thanks? The thoughtful letter in this script provides a heartfelt and eloquent means to help these military heroes feel seen in a way that goes beyond the surface. It invites the audience to express their gratitude sincerely and directly, bridging the gap between words left unspoken and the honor due those who have readily served all of us. More than just a script, "A Letter to a Soldier" is a way to offer appreciation to those in the audience who have served and to encourage those present to continue to do so long after the play is over. Crafted with care and empathy by playwright Rachel Benjamin for audiences from middle school through adults, "A Letter to a Soldier" resonates with active and former members of the armed forces, as well as those who love and appreciate them.

Performance Rating

Middle School - 18+

Audience Rating

Middle School - 18+